Different Healing Techniques You Should Use That Are Proven


Modern healing techniques are known to rely on some of the ancient healing methods. Despite this, they have been proven to help in touching on the energy, spirit, mind and body of the individual. The healing techniques are also known to have incorporated some forces, carefully harmonized to promote the healthy living style in users. Here is a glance of some of these effective healing techniques today.

Different healing techniques you should use

Tai Chi

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Loosely translated as “supreme ultimate fist”, this form of martial arts created for self-defense purposes has been proven to be effective in increasing one’s fitness, flexibility and balancing control. Researchers have described it as low impact exercise hence effective for patients struggling and recovering from arthritis, Parkinson’s disease and breast cancer.


This old Indian science of life entails healing individuals’ lifestyle, body cleansing, and exercise through food and herbal supplements. This treatment tackles diseases, brought about by the loss of mind-body-spirit connection, for example, stress, strained relationships, and consumption of unhealthy diet. It uses three basic energy types; pitta or the principle of transformation through fire, vata or energy of motion through the air and Kapha or principle of growth from the soil.


It entails the use of hands to channel down energy through the body system. This energy goes ahead to activate the body’s natural healing mechanism, easing down stress levels. However, reiki requires experienced practitioners who help individuals to reduce symptoms of depression and fatigue in the long run.


Known to treat advanced cases of diabetes and asthma, this healing technique entails application of pressure on specific body organs. They include; hands, ears, feet, toes which form part of this body mapping exercise. Several studies conducted by the National Cancer Institute and National Institute of Health in the US have shown that this method helps in increasing blood flow, reduce pain and ease migraine headaches.


Mediation inhnjmkb23e5dr253et62y27u28282i29volves finding the balance between the mind and body. This is through channeling out negative emotions from the body, known to bring about stress and worry to vital body organs such as the brains, heart, and stomach by creating physical problems such as ulcers and hypertension among many other complications.


This involves stimulation of the various parts of the anatomy through the use of very thin needles to channel energy flow and meridians to some acupuncture points. It is effective on in healing post-surgery dental pain and cancer patients on chemotherapy.