What are the Causes of a loose vagina?


A loose vagina is normally experienced by women who have recently been through childbirth or those going through menopause. It may also loosen if you have sex too often.

Problems with a loose vagina

sagasasgfasasFears about causes of a loose vagina are common because most men prefer a small and a tight vagina for a better sexual experience. In addition, women also experience increased sexual feelings with a tight vagina. Loose vagina leads to delayed orgasms due to reduced friction between the penis and the vagina. Women with a loose vagina will experience lesser sexual satisfaction, while others are unable to have orgasms.

Since there is nothing like a standard vagina size, it might be difficult to tell actual causes of a loose vagina. If your sex partner does not complain, the following signs will tell you if your vagina is loose.

  • If you only feel stimulated by inserting big objects into your vagina
  • If you find it hard to hold your vagina with your index finger.
  • If you vagina is not able to close completely even when not stimulated.
  • If it is possible to insert three fingers or more into your vagina easily
  • If it is harder to achieve orgasm than before.
  • If your find it harder to satisfy your sexual partner.

A loose vagina can lead to problems such as diminished sexual pleasure, lesser sensitivity, and incontinence. Another problem linked with the loose vagina is urinary incontinence. This is because the loose nerves and muscles of a vagina are unable to control urine.

Ways to re-tighten a Vagina

The good news is that there are various methods which can help in making a vagina tight again. To tighten your vagina, you can opt tightening creams, kegel exercises or vaginal tightening surgery.

Creams or gel

Vaginal tightening creams are normally based on herbal ingredients. They hardly produce side effects. All you need is to apply the cream before having sex. The creams help to get rid of bad odor and also work as a lubricant. The good thing about creams is that they show results within twenty minutes.


You can also try kegel exercises. The exercises involve relaxing and contracting pelvic muscles. This causes the vagina to become tighter and tenser over a period of time.

Read Tightening Your Vaginal Muscles: The Unknown Truth for more info.


gfsgfsay6ashgsaasYou can also go surgical procedures to tighten your vagina. However, the process is complicated and can cause blood clots. Another shortcoming of vagina surgery is that your vagina will lose the tightness when you give birth again.

There are other ways on how to keep your pussy firm. The bottom line is, you just have to do your homework and utilize the best method.