When To Call A Doctor For Common Ailments


Many people consider common ailments such as fever, headache, and bad breath among others to be minor health issues. But did you know that bad breath could be a sign of kidney problem? So, what determines when to use over the counter medication or when to call a doctor for common ailments?

The truth is that most of the common ailment can be trhnjm2e6t25edt62y27u282ieated with the over the counter medication, but when the symptoms persist, then you need to call a medical practitioner. Furthermore, people with HIV/AIDS, cancer or inflammatory diseases should take any common ailment solemn. By the end of this article, you shall be able to understand when a common disease requires medical attention.

When to call a doctor for common ailments?

Let us go through some of the common ailments so that you can understand more on when to call a doctor. For instance, anxiety can be as a result of the expected exam results, a pending case awaiting judgment and so on and it is considered as a temporary stress.

Severe symptoms

However, if it is constant and results in other severe symptoms such as lack of sleep, and drinking alcohol, then you need to call your doctor. Bad breath is another common ailment that should be taken with a lot of concern because, if oral healthcare does not cure it, then it might be a sign of various body disorder such as intestinal problems, cancer, kidney and lungs problems.

Belching problems

Some people experience belch after eating or drinking too much which is normal and healthy. However, if you experience excessive burps and is followed by other troublesome symptoms such as vomiting, diarrhea, burning chest and bloating, you need to seek medical attention. Another common ailment is skin condition whereby you find some rashes, pimples which are not bothersome.

Aging spots

Some of thejmkmn5t3ed6tg26ey72u282i92se are aging spots and requires no medical attention. In addition to that, the rashes could be as a result of allergy and can be treated by over the counter medicine or cream. However, this spots might me changing color with time, have the itching effects or at some point start bleeding. In such situation, do not hesitate to call a medical professional as this caused be a sign of a serious problem such as melanoma.

If you experience any of the above common ailments and fails to be treated by over the counter treatments within three months, this is when to call a doctor for common ailments. People with weak immunity system should seek medical attention every time they encounter any common disease.